Finding Solitude

…in what you love

I’ve told my tales around the campfire, even gotten a laugh or two but never in a million years thought I’d be putting them down on paper. But here I am. They won’t take much of your time.

They are a quick read. I promise you.

A fisherman never lies.

There comes a time in every fisherman’s life when he lays it all on the line,  where somehow he gets to a point when he just keeps forging downstream in hopes of catching another bigger, better fish.  

Does he keep it or throw it back? Does he really wanna eat this trout tonight or just pack it into the freezer?   Live and let live? Or just keep going downstream in search of something better?

Fishing Trip Nice catch

Keepin’ it Reel

I’m 56 and still trout fishing and learning real quick what it’s like being a fish outta water… but it wasn’t always that way…

I have more than 30 years of tales to share and I’m just getting started. I’d like to tell you one or two. I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.

And I hope you enjoy reading as much as I’m enjoying writing. Be sure to stay tuned or better yet sign up to be sure ya don’t miss the next big fish.

Reel True Tales

cartoon drawing girl with marijuana bikini top

Fisherman’s High

Rumor had it in the town where I worked that she really liked her dope. She also liked her breast implants…

Rod Alert

There floating belly up, eyes closed and naked as the day he was born was this dude primed like a stud in heat.

Glen Arthur with Scooby Doo Fishing pole

Got No Time To Cry

Got no time to cry, especially when you’ve prepped and packed two loaded creelsfish poles, snacks… taking my boy to the river!

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