the man behind the pole

Howdy, I’m Greg,

I’m fifty-six and still trout fishing but learning real quick what it’s like being a fish outta water…

There was a time when I’d fish 8 days a week, heck, on most Saturday’s it was two more times than I’d brushed my teeth. Worms hated me. They still do. They hate my thumbs pinching them in half and then doing the “twist” onto the barb. But I never met a worm that didn’t die trying.

Early on, most of my worm friends eagerly gave themselves up just like Jonah and the whale. Not quite so much lately though, but that’s okay.

I know what trout tastes like.

About Me

I’ve been tasked with writing ‘About Me’… Should be easy enough, right? So I think. Or thought. I’m 5’ 7” and 170 lbs… at least that’s the weight I tell my lovely wife. I have a bum left hip, white chest hair, a goofy right hand with 3 outta 5 fingers numb, two back surgeries and insomnia, from the aches and pains.