Got No Time To Cry

Glen Arthur with Scooby Doo Fishing pole

Got no time to cry. Especially when you’ve prepped and packed two loaded creels, fish poles, snacks, backpack, a bait bucket, and a Scooby-Doo fish net purchased yesterday, straight from Walmart, all in preparation for today.  Taking my boy to the river.                                              

It was a steep drop down to the river, the kind where old men hold onto trees and six-year-old say,  “C’mon Dad!”. He was down there long before this fully loaded pachyderm of a Dad arrived.  Not yet time to cry.  “Where’s my fishnet? my bucket?”, he begged.  “Hold on, stop whining”.. I tried to keep my patience as I unpacked the elephants from my back.   Six-year-old hands and ambition proceeded to catch tadpoles, crawdads and frogs thanks to Scooby from Walmart. Into the bait bucket, they went.  I knew what that meant, ten extra pounds of sloshing bucket loaded to Dad the Elephant on our ‘pachyderm’ out. 

Meanwhile, I got skunked fishing.   Several hours had passed.  It was time to load the elephant up and go.  But there was not a chance of heading back up the way we’d come down- too steep.  We had no choice but to go through “Whiney” Meadow. The name describes it to a “T” and what is meant by “got no time to cry”.   I readjusted those creels and poles and Scooby net and bait bucket full of critters and amphibians to make room for him on my shoulders. It was only a mile or so.  One of the hardest but happiest miles this elephant has ever walked.  I didn’t realize then what I do now… how many things hands and shoulders and back can carry, even without a trunk. We ended up doing it so many times thereafter.

Still got no time to cry.

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