Rod Alert

It was a really steep climb down to the water but my young legs did it many times before.  I always went that way for a couple a reasons. The first being just because I could.  The second being that I learned early on that if I wanted to catch trout I had to go where most didn’t dare. Make a note of that one… you are going to want to remember it.

So imagine my surprise when two young teens met me heading back up. They had caught some nice fish. But what sticks in my mind is the look on their faces and the shaky tone in their voices when they said,  “I don’t think you wanna go that way.”    But I was heading in the direction from where they came.  Puzzled, I asked, “Why?”   They both looked at each other and then managed, “There are two people getting it on right past this bend”.  

Well, nothing has ever stopped me from going where I wanted to go when I fished. And it wasn’t going to stop me now.      

I rounded that bend in the river and came eyeball to eyeball with a young lass.. at least she had a towel around her. Her eyes met mine and then in a sheepish way glanced toward the river.  My gaze followed hers.

There floating belly up, eyes closed and naked as the day he was born was this dude primed like a stud in heat.

 Just imagine his expression when his eyes opened and he saw me staring?!  

I do remember several things… the splash of him flipping over, his lass giggling and me catching better trout than those teens.   

girl and guy skinny dipping

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